The United States Needs a Declaration of Interdependence

The election is only five months away and we have two spectacularly unqualified and unpopular candidates for president.

During last week’s CNN Presidential Debate, President Biden mis-stepped so badly that increasing numbers of his own party are bravely speaking truth to power and saying publicly he should step down.

New Book Launch: Revolutionary Optimism

Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist by Dr. Paul Zeitz is a practical handbook for anyone feeling anxiety about their life and the super crisis affecting our world. Revolutionary Optimism inspires the reader, step by step, to live the path of love and choose to actively contribute to our collective healing and transformation.

A Permanent Ceasefire In Gaza Can Spark A Peaceful Revolution

My Greatest Hope Is That When This Tragic Violent Phase Of The Crisis Ends, A Permanent Ceasefire Will Ignite The Spark Of A Love-Centered Peaceful Revolution To Create A New Reality Where The Land Will Be For All To Live In With Justice And Peace. Petition: Bow Out Biden

Several candidates are splitting the anti-Trump vote. Not one of them is strong enough to win in such a scenario. Instead of plowing ahead and pretending there’s currently a clear path to beating Trump, we must unify behind a ticket and a platform that energizes the entire anti-Trump world.

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